After climbing the corporate ladder for 16 years Wendy Barron knows only too well the high demands a stressful corporate life can have on our own health and well-being. 

Ten years later Wendy is now a successful personal trainer, metabolic group fitness instructor, wellness coach, entrepreneur and single parent sharing her wisdom on how to create balance, health and movement into a busy and fast passed world.

Wendy believes we are all working longer hours, having the pressure of building a career as well as raising a family and running a house hold. Very often our health and well-being gets neglected or put in the too hard basket hoping that one day we will make time for it. Unfortunately very often, without the right tools and guidance, making time not only for our physical health but also our mental health gets completely disregarded and undervalued. 

Wendy is the creator of the 8 Week On-Line Transformation Program and offers personal training services in Brisbane from her own boutique personal training studio as well as offering Metafit group fitness classes outside her studio to her local community and the corporate market contracting to Brisbane City Council. Metafit which is metabolic, high intensity interval training is short, fast and effective which is perfect for anyone looking for maximum impact in the shortest amount of time.

Wendy is the Director of Mind Body Space and believes passionately that you need a sharp mind, a positive attitude a fit and strong body to reach your full potential in life. Offering a wealth of knowledge Wendy assists busy career Mums to transition from a world of chaos and overwhelm into a life filled with balance, health, wealth and harmony to truly wake up every morning living an abundantly delicious life! 

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